Monday, October 25, 2010

Sorry for the interruption

It's been a few days since my last post. Been kind of busy. Want to introduce you to my new friend, Alma T. She'll blog random shit about adoption, Kazakhstan, post-adoption crapola like screaming babies, petulant toddlers, and daily wtf moments. She's a nasty broad. A bit strung out and over the top. So I gather her posts will be a bit NSFW (not safe for work). But, whatevs.

So.... where have I been? I've been over at Stupid adoption shit that's FUBAR thanks to stupid agencies. Yeah, I'm talking about you Ms. Lori Scott of Little Miracles. I said I wouldn't post again until all my fellow families who signed their sanity away to our fucked up agency, SIAA, which by the way, shut down 18 months ago while I was in Kazakhstan, are home with their babies. The last family is leaving tonight. So on Nov. 7 Alma T. will be taking over fulltime and I'll be over in the corner bar drinking.

And yeah, I know the only reason you're here is to see if the infamous vagina post is still around. Here it is.


Tami said...

LOLLLLLLLLLLL. Oh, it is so good to have you back Tasha! That vagina post is just as funny today as it was 2 years ago. bawahhhhhh

hazel said...

The purse is back!! ....I mean Tasha is back!!

YIPEE!! Happy Happy Days! :-)

Can't wait to also meet Ms. Alma T. Is she as buxom as you, Ms. Tasha?

Ange said...

Glad to have you back!

habeshachild said...