Tuesday, July 22, 2008

CNN Reporter Wants to Hear about Your Adoption

A (freelance) reporter from CNN wants to hear from people who have exchanged sexual favors for better service, a more favorable ranking, etc. So that got me thinking.. hey I bet there are some parents out there who made a deal with the USCIS, adoption agency, facilitator, or social worker.

It's okay honey. Ain't no shame in that. God knows what I've done for a simple Big Mac Combo Meal.

Here's what the (freelance) reporter submitted for requests:

"Have you ever used casual sex (outside a committed or dating relationship) to get someone to assemble that Ikea shelving unit you just bought, help you move, do your taxes, edit your masters thesis, cut you a deal on the rent, or any other favor? Or have you seduced the UPS delivery guy/gal, contractor renovating your kitchen, or any other laborer working in your home (and perhaps even got a discount on the work they were doing in the process)? If so, I want to hear from you: did your bartering tactic work, how did you feel after the fact, and have you used sex as a bartering tool again?

I also want to hear from those whove had sex offered to them in exchange for a favor (even if you werent asked to do the favor until after the fact) or contractors, landscapers, and the like whove been hit on while doing a job in someones home. What was the outcome? Did you go for it? Did you do the favor or cut them a price break after the fact? Did this lead to any later headaches or did everyone come away with what they wanted?"

Yes, this is a real request for sources.

Please hurry, her deadline is July 24.


Beverly said...

Did this give you any ideas in the uzbek adoption front?

Matthew and Suzanne said...

Wow, I don't even know what to say. Sounds like Jerry Springer, sure it's CNN?