Friday, July 18, 2008

Yo, Where's Your Frigging Homestudy?

Okay.. get your collective 'awwwww's out of the way.

I know (and I agree) that the stories of dogs, cats, dolphins, whales, playtapusses, and gophers adopting orphaned babies of other species is so gosh-darned cute. Who doesn't like to view pictures of those?!?!

But, girlfriends, I'm tired of those mommas just adopting orphans with little to no hassle. I mean, seriously, don't your insides just turn when you ready that Fluffy or Spot was able to take on an orphan without having to complete a dossier? Or submit to endless fingerprinting? How about trying to get through to Homeland Security, the FBI, and local police? Or not even trying to explain to the social worker why they run around naked and poop outdoors?

I mean, enough is enough. They should be forced to at the very least submit a homestudy report. Fair is fair.

And for your reading pleasure, I am posting a few photos of these (what I call) illegal adoptions.


Stacie said...

Now that's funny. I was thinking - What program doesn't have a dossier? Or a homestudy?

Kelli said...

Some of them look like real bitches- like they know they are flying under the radar with the USCIS and are proud of it.

haze said...

HA HA! I TOTALLY agree. There is no friggin' justice in this world. I am SICK TO DEATH of being penalized for not having a man impregnate me....or 4 legs.

Nancy said...

I'm sorry - were you saying something? I can't get past the sweetiebabydoll pictures. *heart*

abc123vn said...

AMEN sister! You tell it!

Laurie said...

That's hysterical! Thanks for the laugh.

Jen said...

how about a nice little piglet? Very cute...still pretty in pink! A bit hard to travel with...not sure if they like to sail :)

Chin up, Chica!

Ranavan said...

Really...who do they think they are...those cute and fuzzy piglets, and dogs and if!

They need to go thru the whole rigamaroll just like the rest of us ;)

There is no justice :)